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Hey there I'm

Rishabh Singh

I’m a workaholic by nature and philomath by personality. The two reasons why I have worked a multitude of clients from all over the world and why I have multiple skills which I acquired over a long period of time and of course all by myself.

My key philosophy when working with clients:

You wouldn't want to invest your time and money on a same project again. And I make sure you don't have to.

A little about my


I earned my Master’s degree in Marketing (MBA) and before that, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business (BBA). Apart from my college degree, I have invested an ample amount of time learning SAP.

However, Research is a hobby of mine and that’s the reason I find Digital Marketing & SEO fascinating. As both of them require extensive research.  As I believe:

Research Is To See What Everybody Else Has Seen, And To Think What Nobody Else Has Thought.​

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Let's talk about my


Talking about my interests, I’m always looking for opportunities to travel to new places. I’m a local adventurer and hills lover. Hills over beach, anytime baby.

Not just travel but I love to learn new things.  One will always find me learning something new. I guess that’s the best way of making sure that you’re improving yourself and acquiring new skills. 

Idle minds are the devil's research and development department.

Enough said let's talk about

My Services

If you’re here because you’re interested in working with me then without wasting time you can check out my services. Otherwise, you’re free to browse through my blog or contact me in case you want to talk to me about anything.

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UI/UX Designing

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Website Designing

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Graphic Designing

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I’m open to all the queries, suggestions or casual conversations about work. I would love to hear your stories and experience.

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